This is not identified as to the reasons the fresh new Akkadians called the south house Shumeru

This is not identified as to the reasons the fresh new Akkadians called the south house Shumeru

The newest Sumerians entitled they ki-en-gir15 (actually, ‘place of civilized lords’). It may possibly be a good dialectal enunciation of your Sumerian keyword kiengir. That it opportunity is suggested from the Emesal dialect form ‘dimmer’ having the word ‘dingir’.

We composed so you can Dr. Postgate, >>Did you write in their guide Very early Mesopotamia: Society and you can Economy in the >> Dawn of the past one to ki-en-gi function ‘land of one’s Sumerian tongue’? In that case, >>is the fact since you believe that eme, ‘tongue; language’ became en, ‘dignitary; >>lord; predecessor (statue); high priest’, because of vocal absorption?

The guy responded which have an enthusiastic affirmative, >Undoubtedly Sumerologists haven’t gone far for consonantal intake, >however, supposed out of emegir in order to engir cannot have a look past an acceptable limit fetched, and it also shows you >as to the reasons this has -roentgen because the a last consonant. Aage Westenholz along with advised a similar >etymology separately. What’s more, it is alright considering the combos such as for instance ki-unug >”Warka homes” that are in addition to maybe not genitival syntagms. They however generally seems to me personally an enthusiastic >cheaper solution.

It appears it is possible to. As it happens there are few instances of ki-en-gi-ra2 that can be translated while the a totally free-condition genitival syntagm – We merely look for a couple on the Win from Utu-Hengal, ETCSL transliteration : c.2.1 Scoprilo qui.six.

I’d just never ever read it or thought about it up until this week

If you examine my blogged lexicon’s advised reinterpretation out-of saj-ji6[gig2]-ga as which have in the first place intended ‘native persons’, rather than the literal meaning of ‘the black-headed’, you will notice that I’m accessible to consonantal assimilation gradually altering terminology that have been next reinterpreted on the well-known understanding and creating.Read More